IT Consultancy for Superyachts
and Small Businesses



An IT assessment will review all aspects of your IT setup. Existing documentation will be updated if found to be out of date, or of poor quality. If no documentation or drawings exist then they will be provided.

  • Physical Infrastructure – All physical hardware is documented including Manfufacturer, model, serial numbers, physical location and hardware configuration.
  • Network – Complete documentation for your wired and wireless network. Switchport layouts, switch configuration, VLAN’s, IP address assignment for each VLAN, Router configuration and wireless network/ access point configuration.
  • Server/s – What services are running on the server/s, configuration of services/applications, licensing, user accounts and groups and rights associated with those accounts.
  • Backup and recovery – Backup configuration and disaster recovery procedures will be documented.

Once the assessment has been completed, we can then move on to discuss how your existing setup can be improved.